25 Years of Paul Rudd - The Best Paul Rudd Films!

Can you believe Clueless in 25 years old this year?  As if!

I remember watching that movie over and over again during my teen years and having a big crush on Paul Rudd.  Fast forward to 2020 and while my affection for Clueless has diminished over the years, my love of Paul Rudd apparently hasn't.  Clueless was the beginning of a rise to stardom for Paul Rudd and he has been a favorite of mine in a number of movies over the past 25 years.  Here are my 7 favorite Paul Rudd films:

#7 - Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) - I only rank this one so low because it's on my list of Paul Rudd movies and his character is very minor in this film.  He does stand out though delivering a memorable character despite only being a screen a few times.  

#6 - Clueless (1995) - While this was my introduction to Paul Rudd and he plays a major role in the movie as Josh, you can really see him "grow up" as his movie career builds and frankly he is a better actor in some later films.  While his acting has matured, his face certainly hasn't. . .I mean, the guy NEVER ages.

#5 - Romeo & Juliet (1996) - Another staple from my adolescence, Paul Rudd again plays a lead character as Paris, the young man that Juliet's parents want her to marry.  I mean, poor Claire Danes.  She has to choose between Leo and Paul Rudd - tough choice!  Even though his character is a bit of an arrogant elitist, you can't really help but love him.

#4 - Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) - This comedy classic starring Will Ferrell has "stupid humor" written all over it and really, in my opinion at least, solidified Paul Rudd as a leading man who can stand toe-to-toe with comedy legends.  

#3 - I Love You, Man (2009) - Another great comedy option, Paul Rudd stars as a real estate agent who is in has a loving and devoted soon-to-be wife, but lacks a true male friend.  When he tries to "find a friend" as a adult, hilarity ensues before he eventually finds someone who truly connects with him and teaches him what friendship is all about.

#2 - Avengers: Endgame (2019) - So I came to the Avengers party late as you'd see in my review of Endgame, but I really love Paul Rudd as Ant-Man.  In Endgame, Rudd shows his range bringing a healthy dose of comedy along with a lot of heart packed into a superhero character.  

#1 - This is 40 (2012) - My all-time favorite Paul Rudd movie is another comedy that looks at what it's like to be going through your mid-life years.  Dealing with everything from marriage, children, career, and self-doubt - this takes a funny look at what can be a stressful time for any of us our middle aged years.  Each time I watch it, I relate to more and more in the film and fall more in love with it!

So there you have it!  What Paul Rudd movie is your favorite?  I can't wait to see where his career goes in the next 25 years and one thing is likely to happen. . .he probably won't age a bit!

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