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Animal Crackers - Image from Netflix

Over the weekend, my kids and I watched the newly streaming Animal Crackers on Netflix.  A quick Google search will show you that this film had an uphill climb to make it to the public for viewing, but was it worth the wait?  Take a look at the synopsis of the film and then our thoughts!

About Animal Crackers (from Netflix)

A family must use a magical box of Animal Crackers to save a run-down circus from being taken over by their evil uncle Horatio P. Huntington.

Review of Animal Crackers on Netflix

I have to say I'm lukewarm on this one - it was simply OK for me as well as for my kids.  There was nothing that grabbed me about this film and I wish it did, because it really had potential.  The story focuses on Owen who grows up as a young boy surrounded by his uncle's circus and captivated by the amazing things there.  When he falls and love and plans to marry Zoe, her father, a big executive at a dog treats company, tells him it's time to leave the circus life and get a "real job" at his company.  So Owen gives up on his dreams and "settles" for a job as a dog biscuit taste tester.  But he always thinks he can do more.  When his uncle passes away, he is left this box of old animal crackers.  A strange gift to leave someone, right? Well, Owen, Zoe, and their little girl soon learn just how magical those animal crackers are, the secret behind the magic of the circus, and what lengths some people will go to in order to take back control of the circus.  

Even as I type this, I again think that the storyline has all of the potential in the world, but it just fell flat for our family.  For me, I think it was a timing thing.  Throughout the movie, there were parts that seem to drag and others that went by too quickly.  I also felt like there were some branches off the main storyline that really didn't need to be there and distracted a young audience from the main plot.  Typically, my boys have their attention held by a new movie and this just didn't do that for them.  They didn't even make it to the end, running off stating it was "boring."  

The voice cast in the movie is a very talented group and was actually one of the highlights of watching this from my perspective.  John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Ian McKlellen, Sylvester Stallone, Raven-Symone, Gilbert Gottfried, Wallace Shawn, and Harvey Fierstein are just some of the names who lend their talent to the film.  Far and way, my favorite voice actor though is Patrick Warburton.  Maybe it's that my mind goes to Seinfeld or his voice reminds me of boarding Soarin' at Walt Disney World Resort, but he has the best way of delivering sarcasm and dryness to characters that try so hard - which is exactly what is flashy, brown-nosing character Brock is all about.  

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This movie is kid-friendly from a content perspective if you decide to give it a try with your kids, but there is a funeral scene that may be sensitive to young viewers who have experienced a close loss.  The only other warning I'll give to parents is that you may need to stock up on animal crackers after watching this movie!

Overall, it was a solid "eh" for our family.  Living in a pandemic world where you may be looking for something new to watch on the TV, it's not a bad choice - just not one that will likely be very memorable.  

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