Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along Available on Disney+

Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along - Image from Disney

Has this show invaded your TV time yet?  If you have elementary and tween-age kids, be warned that this tidal wave of music known as the Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along is now available on Disney+ and can usually be found in the recommendations on your kids profiles.  I may sound like I'm not a fan of the songs, but the real problem is that I'm such a fan, I can't get them out of my head!

What is the Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along?

As the title implies, Disney is brining yet another sing-a-long to families this year. But while the ones that originally aired on ABC were geared at more movie based and pop culture songs that parents and grandparents would also connect with, many of the songs in the Disney Channel Sing-Along are geared for the younger crowd.  

My boys are BIG fans of the Disney Channel movies like High School Musical, Descendants, Camp Rock, and Zombies so they were in love from the start.  Several of the songs were from these movies that they easily recognized and a large part of the cast of Zombies is heavily featured which delighted them.  They first turned it on last Saturday right before we left for our road trip and it was the perfect thing to keep them spellbound while we worked on loading the car.  It also served as great entertainment along the trip.  The beauty of the Disney+ app means they can stop and start on different devices and access content anywhere - no more waiting to catch this when it happens live on TV like in the old days!

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If you have fans of Disney Channel movies and shows, they will definitely enjoy this sing-along!  Just don't be surprised to catch yourself belting out some tunes too!

About Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along (From Disney Channel)

The music special will feature Disney Channel’s family of multitalented stars and special guests as they perform iconic songs from Disney Channel Original Movies and more. With a beach ball to guide the on-screen lyrics, audiences can sing and dance along with their favorite stars to iconic songs from popular movies, including “High School Musical 2,” “Camp Rock 2,” “Let It Shine,” “Descendants 3” and “ZOMBIES.”

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