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As a boy mom, I will say that The Swan Princess is not something that I'm overly familiar with in my household.  But my boys enjoy their fair share of fairytales, so when we settled in to watch this movie as a family, everyone was excited and full of anticipation of if this would pass the test for our young ones to enjoy.  I'm happy to share that The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding pleased each of us with the perfect mix of adventure, mystery, and, yes, a little romance too!

Thank you to my friends at Sony and Think Jam for providing me with a copy of the film to review!

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding Movie Review

As I mentioned, being unfamiliar with The Swan Princess, I'll have to admit I felt a little lost at first.  Those of you who are fans of other The Swan Princess movies will likely be able to pick up right away.  However, after a few minutes, I quickly settled into who the characters were and a little of their backstory.  The Swan Princess is every bit as brave as she is beautiful and she is 100% loyal to her friends.  So when Princess Mei Li comes asking for help, she is happy to be of service.  After returning to Princess Mei Li's kingdom though, it becomes evident that something isn't right and questions are raised about the sorceress Fang who seems to be up to no good.

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What unfolds is a story of love, deceit, friendship, and jealousy - all wrapped in a kid sized package.  Fang really is pretty evil when it comes to her plot to disrupt the wedding of Princess Mei Li and Chen, but as evil as Fang is, Princess Odette (aka The Swan Princess) is that loyal to her friend and doesn't give up.  They mystery and magic of Fang made this movie an enjoyable adventure for the whole family - it was much more than a simple princess film with a romanticized story.  So long story short, don't let the princess title fool you - there's a lot more to this story than tiaras and gowns!  

About The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding (from Sony Home Entertainment)

Join Princess Odette, Prince Derek and their royal friends as they set sail for another magical adventure in the enchanted land of Cathay! Princess Odette has been called by the beautiful and kind Princess Mei Li who is planning to marry her one true love, Chen. Upon Odette’s arrival she quickly discovers that everything is not as it should be. And not everyone is WHO they should be! The evil sorceress Fang has once again cast an evil spell, launching a plan to marry Chen herself. With the wedding quickly approaching, it is up to Mei Li’s loving brother Prince Li along with Princess Odette and the rest of her royal friends to break the curse so the real Princess Mei Li can marry Chen and live happily ever after.

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding is now available on digital and to rent at Redbox.

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