Alien Xmas - Out of This World Holiday Fun

Alien Xmas - Image from Netflix

What do you get when you mix aliens with Santa?  Alien Xmas, of course!  Right from the initial viewing of the trailer, my little ones were asking when we could watch this movie.  I'm happy to share with parents that this is a cute movie choice for the little ones to enjoy on Netflix!

Alien Xmas - Movie Review

If you've watched your fair share of alien movies in the past, you know that the idea of alien invasions certainly isn't a new concept.  But a little alien who lands on Earth with a devious plot to capture Earth's gravity and take all the things gets an even more original twist when that alien just happens to land in the North Pole - home to Santa and his elves!  X may be a little alien, but he is sneaky and has big ambitions.  However, when he meets Holly, X starts to see that there is more to life than just taking. . .maybe there is magic in giving too!  Even as X begins to see things in a new light, will it be enough to save Earth from alien destruction and save Christmas too?

Alien Xmas - Image from Netflix

Alien Xmas is filled with little life lessons for kids about love, giving, and friendship.  It's short run time - clocking in around 40 minutes - this holiday movie will hold the attention of children.  The animation is well done and color is used brilliantly to visually showcase the change of X.  The movie features action, adventure, and everyone's favorite. . .Santa!. . .to delight viewers.  Don't be fooled by the fake ending that cleverly tries to trick young ones into thinking the story is all over.  There's a lot of cuteness and fun packed into this little film and I have a feeling it will be one that my boys view several times this holiday season!  Alien Xmas releases to Netflix on November 20!

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About Alien Xmas (From Netflix)

When a race of kleptomaniac aliens attempts to steal Earth's gravity in order to more easily take everything on the planet, only the gift-giving spirit of Christmas and a small alien named X can save the world.

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