Doug Unplugs - A New Series for Kids on AppleTV+

Doug Unplugs - Image from AppleTV+

I love television shows that have so much good wholesome content for my little guy and Doug Unplugs is a great new find on AppleTV+.  The show follows a familiar format - roughly 30 minute episodes that have 2 stories in each.  In fact, my older son who was watching with us said he thought this reminded him of Puppy Dog Pals over on Disney Junior.  

Doug Unplugs has a lot to love, but perhaps my favorite part of the show is the whole concept of "unplugging."  Doug is a robot and, as we learn in the first episode, robots typically learn by plugging in and downloading information to their memory.  When Doug has the chance to interact with a human as he is delivering an item, he finds out that you can learn A LOT more when you unplug.  His new friend Emma shows him the power of experiencing things too!

Emma and Doug learn and explore together and learn lessons about volunteering, friendship, teamwork, and more in just the first few episodes.  As you would expect in a show for young kids, there is nothing scary or worrisome - the "problems" in the episodes are about trying new things and overcoming new challenges.  My son and I enjoyed watching Doug Unplugs and look forward to tuning in for more adventures!  Season 1 of Doug Unplugs is now streaming on AppleTV+.

About Doug Unplugs (From AppleTV+)

Doug is a young robot who senses there’s more to life than just the facts. While other robots plug in for their daily download, Doug unplugs and journeys into the human world with his best friend Emma to experience its wonders firsthand.

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