Bobbleheads The Movie: DVD Movie Review

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The idea of movie where your toys come to life isn't a new concept, but taking a peek at the secret life of Bobbleheads can be a fun escape for kids.  Bobbleheads The Movie is new direct to DVD/Digital release from Universal Home Entertainment featuring the voice talents of Jennifer Coolidge, Luke Wilson, and Cher.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started the movie and at the end of the movie, I'm still not sure what I watched.

Disclaimer: I received a DVD copy of Bobbleheads: The Movie from Universal Home Entertainment for review purposes.  As always, thoughts and ideas are my own!

Bobbleheads The Movie Review

Bobbleheads The Movie is definitely one that will speak more to the kids in your house than to the adults.  The storyline is a little flat and a lot predictable.  It's corny, but lacks the "awww" factor that makes corny something I usually enjoy.  The bobbleheads are in danger when their owner's brother and his wife come uninvited to their house and set up for a few days.  It takes a while for them to figure out what the intruders are up to, but through this effort, they find out what it means to be a "family" and work together.  The best scene in the movie is when Bobblehead Cher (I'm still not real clear on how or why she appeared, but anyway. . .) meets with our bobbles and provides some words of wisdom and life lessons.  It gives them just the boost of courage they need to bobble on!

While I found myself checking my watch a few times during the movie, my 5 year old couldn't take his eyes off of it.  It's brightly colored, features talking toys, and also has some easy to understand comedy with physical humor throughout.  And there's a lot of "movement" as the bobbleheads truly bobble the entire movie (word of warning if you get motion sick!).  When I asked him what he thought of the movie, he said he really liked it, but when I asked him what the movie was about he couldn't tell me.  I think that 5 year old perspective probably summarizes Bobbleheads The Movie best - it's a fine way to laugh and pass the time but ultimately the story and characters lack that memorable movie feel and will likely not appeal to the parents watching with their kids.

About Bobbleheads The Movie (From Universal Home Entertainment)

Get ready to laugh and bounce along with a family of misfit bobbleheads who must defend their home and themselves from scheming humans in the brand-new hilarious and heart-warming animated action-comedy, BOBBLEHEADS: THE MOVIE, premiering exclusively on Digital, DVD and On Demand on December 8, 2020 and streaming soon on Netflix from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.
Presented by Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production arm of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, and produced by Threshold Entertainment, the fun-loving and uplifting adventure features an all-star cast of voices including Jennifer Coolidge (A Cinderella Story), Luke Wilson (Old School), Khary Peyton (“The Walking Dead”), Brenda Song (“The Suite Life with Zack & Cody”), Karen Fukuhara (“The Boys”), Julian Sands (Warlock) and Academy Award®-winning Cher. Get ready for a big shake-up when misfit bobbleheads take on trashy humans and a slobbery dog who crash their home with plans to swap a new baseball player bobblehead for a valuable one of them. With some guidance from Bobblehead Cher, they find the courage to bobble-up for an outrageous battle of wits and wobble.
Introducing fun and lovable feisty characters that fill the story with thrilling moments from beginning to end, BOBBLEHEADS: THE MOVIE is from Beauty and the Beast director Kirk Wise and Mortal Kombat producer Lawrence Kasanoff and will be available to own just in time for the holidays. Packed with heart and silly hijinks, this exciting all-new original film is sure to become a family favorite and fulfill a bobblehead’s simple purpose: to bring joy.
Produced in partnership with Microsoft and NVIDIA, the beautifully realized CGI animated film was created with NVIDIA GPUs on Azure Cloud, a state-of-the-art platform that allows for improved 3D-rendering and worldwide collaboration. The team behind the visual masterpiece was comprised of remarkable animators from across the globe including Los Angeles, Nepal, Mumbai and Kolkata.
Featuring new original score and songs written by Greg O’Connor and music supervised by Michael Lloyd, the BOBBLEHEADS: THE MOVIE soundtrack will be available digitally on December 4, 2020 from Back Lot Music.

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