Best Quotes from Disney's Godmothered

Godmothered - Image from Disney+

Disney's new movie Godmothered, streaming on Disney+ December 4th, teaches us all that happily ever after may not be what we expected.  In this family comedy, godmother-in-training Eleanor (Jillian Bell) travels to Boston in search of a mission to save the future of fairy godmothers and grant a happily ever after to one lucky lady!  But when Eleanor meets Mackenzie (Isla Fisher), hilarity ensues.  Eleanor discovers that things with people are a bit more complicated then she thinks.  You can find my full review of Disney's Godmothered here!

Godmothered - Image from Disney+

There are so many great lines that capture both the heart and humor of the film, but I picked 10 of my favorite to highlight below.  Enjoy!

"Everyone knows that people have stopped believing in happily ever after." ~ Agnes

"Oh my Godmothers!" ~ Eleanor

"Sometimes you just want someone to come over and shovel the driveway." ~ Mackenzie

Godmothered - Image from Disney+

"Oh, mother of fudge! Are you OK?" ~ Eleanor

"After all, 9 out of 10 fairytales begin once upon a time something amazing happened while she was drinking wine in her sweatpants." ~ Eleanor

"A glittery gown turns a frown upside down." ~ Eleanor

"Son of a butterscotch! I actually did it!" ~ Eleanor

Godmothered - Image from Disney+

"I didn't believe in you because I forgot how to believe in myself." ~ Mackenzie

"You don't need a spell because you are already magical." ~ Mackenzie

"You helped me remember how to live happily." ~ Mackenzie

"We think that love needs to look a certain way. . .We're trapped in a fairy tale when the real world is filled with so much more!" ~ Eleanor 

Godmothered - Image from Disney+

Don't forget to grab your wand and make a date with happily ever after!  Godmothered is streaming exclusively on Disney+ beginning December 4th.  

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