25+ of the Best Quotes from Bigfoot Family

Bigfoot Family Production Stills - Image from Netflix

You know you've found a great family film, when the kids ask to watch it over and over again and that's exactly what has happened with Bigfoot Family, now streaming on Netflix.  Bigfoot Family is the 2021 sequel to Son of Bigfoot and follows Dr. Jim Harrison (aka Bigfoot) and his family on their next big adventure - to stop the destruction of Alaskan wildlife at the hands of big oil.  Along the way, the movie shares some laughs and some important life lessons on family and friendship. Check out the best quotes from Bigfoot Family and tune into the movie on Netflix - now available to stream! 

The Best Quotes from Bigfoot Family

Every family is weird, but trust me, mine is the weirdest.  - Adam

For such a big fella, you sure do drink a tiny cup of coffee. - Tina

You make those mutations look good - am I right, ladies? - Becky, TV host

Not everyone can be as photogenic as me.  Look at me, I literally don't have a bad side. - Trapper

My fleas have more integrity than half the people you meet in this business. - Trapper

It's weird how life has a way of going great for a minute and then throws you a curveball. - Emma

No he can't fax it over - it's not 1983! - Cy Wheeler, Agent

You're only hot until you're not. - Cy Wheeler, Agent 

This. This is what I was meant to do.  To help people! - Bigfoot

They call it a ghost town, but we all know there's no such thing as ghosts. - Bigfoot

Nothing shady going on there. . . - Pam

Not gonna make a difference with 14 views. - Adam

Taking ad money from the people you're interviewing - so much for journalistic integrity. - Shelly

I'm not saying it's going to smell great, but we'll do it for dad. - Adam

Better play it safe, you mother's a reckless road warrior. - Trapper

Ugh, mom, I'm going to jump out the window if you don't stop talking. - Adam

Bigfoot Family Production Stills - Image from Netflix

I'm scared I won't be able to get a good thin crust pizza up here. - Trapper

No way! I didn't come all the way to Alaska just to wait in the car. - Adam

Maybe you're going to disappear too. - Wolf

I take no pleasure in eating this double fudge caramel wafer. - Trapper

You know, if you were a vegetarian it would be a lot easier for you to make friends. - Adam

So much for clean oil leaving no environmental impact. - Adam

Cool - maximum impact for maximum oil. - Connor Mandrake

Move over NASCAR, there's a new champ in town! - Trapper

Out of the way knuckleheads.  I only got one rock and it lives on the gas pedal. - Trapper

I appreciate everything, except your meatloaf. - Adam

We're a family and we stick together. - Adam

My dad was right, one person can make a difference! - Adam

Don't forget to check out Bigfoot Family streaming on Netflix beginning 2/26/21!!!

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