Bigfoot Family - A Netflix Movie Review

Bigfoot Family Production Stills - Image from Netflix

The legend of Bigfoot is certainly a famous enough story for all of us to be familiar with this title character.  But have you ever wondered about Bigfoot's family?  In the 2021 sequel to Son of Bigfoot, the new Bigfoot Family dives into the meaning of family as Bigfoot, Dr. Jim Harrison, and his wife and son work together to overcome a series of obstacles in a race against time to save each other and an Alaskan Wildlife Refuge.  I have been so impressed with Netflix's family content recently and couldn't wait to take a look at this film with my kids.  It was an instant hit in our household and I'm excited to share why!

Bigfoot Family - Movie Review

Bigfoot, also known as Dr. Jim Harrison, begins the movie enjoying life with his family and his new found fame.  Everyone seems to want a piece of Bigfoot which means opportunities to promote himself are endless.  His son, high school student Adam, struggles though with having a famous, furry dad and is frustrated by the fame and the travel.  When Bigfoot receives an invitation to come and support a group of protesters rallying to protect an Alaskan Wildlife Refuge from "big oil," Dr. Harrison realizes that helping others is more important than being famous.  Adam doesn't want his dad to go, having just found him in the prequel, Son of Bigfoot.  Even though they disagree, when it becomes clear that things are not right up in Alaska, it's Adam, his mom, and some animal friends that mount a rescue and go to work to save their family.

Bigfoot Family Production Stills - Image from Netflix

My six year old was obsessed with this movie from our first viewing and clear on through our third!  There was a lot to appeal to young viewers as talking animals who are clever and funny play main roles and the family dynamic between Bigfoot and his wife and son are equal parts relatable and too crazy to believe.  My favorite animal character is Trapper the raccoon.  He has so many great quotes - you won't want to miss them!

As a mom, I enjoyed the theme of family standing by one another, helping each other, and never giving up.  I also think that the environmental messaging in the movie is an important undercurrent that isn't too heavy for little ones to follow.  It's a good family film choice all the way around that will appeal across generations - an animated feature I enjoyed as much as my kids.  

Bigfoot Family begins streaming February 26th on Netflix!  Special thanks to Netflix for the opportunity to screen this film ahead of its release!

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