Tom and Jerry The Movie - Family Movie Review

(L-R) JERRY and TOM in Warner Bros. Pictures’ animated/live-action adventure “TOM AND JERRY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

The original cat and mouse duo are back in action in Tom and Jerry The Movie - now streaming on HBO Max and available to view in theaters.  These two have been causing mischief and mayhem longer than I've been alive and I've grown up laughing at the hilarious situations they find themselves in.  I was excited to see a fresh spin on this classic duo with the release of Tom and Jerry The Movie so I could introduce them to my own kids.  Was the movie worth the wait?

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Tom & Jerry The Movie - Movie Review

Tom and Jerry starts by setting the stage for this dynamic duo to go to battle as they are struggling to make their way in the Big Apple.  Similarly, Kayla (Chloë Grace Moretz, also from Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs) is figuring out what she is going to do next.  All paths lead to the a fancy New York hotel where Jerry finds a home and Kayla finds a job.  Kayla soon brings on a new employee of the hotel, Tom, to take care of the "mouse infestation."  From here, you can guess the hi jinx that ensues as Tom and Jerry do battle while Kayla tries to prep for a big New York wedding.  

(L-R) MICHAEL PEÑA as Terrance and TOM in Warner Bros. Pictures’ animated/live-action adventure “TOM AND JERRY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Before we dive into the content of the movie, I just want to take a minute and give some major applause to the animation in the film.  I like that they went with 2D animated animals in the film.  This choice, rather than perhaps a more obvious CGI or 3D option in 2021, added to a true Tom and Jerry feel.  It felt old school which was fun and familiar for the parents watching the movie.  The mix of live action acting and animation really worked well together and the characters truly "popped" off the screen as you were watching the action unfold.

Tom and Jerry The Movie was a fun movie night choice, even if parts of it fell a bit flat - especially for the adults.  I wish there would have been MORE Tom and Jerry antics.  The human interaction in the movie was predictable and corny. . .a good escape from reality, but not really great at pulling you in to care about the human characters.  Moretz does a nice job with her character, but I feel like more could have been done to develop the roles around her including Michael Peña as Terence and especially Ken Jeong as Chef Jackie.  

(L-R) BOBBY CANNAVALE as Spike with TOM and JERRY in Warner Bros. Pictures’ animated/live-action adventure “TOM AND JERRY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

The scenes where Tom and Jerry do battle old school style - you know, no voices, just physical humor - had all of us laughing out loud.  My husband was devastated though, sarcastically noting that he feels like his whole life was a lie, when Tom sings at one point in the movie, because we all know that Tom doesn't talk.  It was great to see some nods to the classic cartoons in the movie as well with Spike and Toots having cameo appearances.  There was definitely the nostalgia that I was looking for when I went into the film.  

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I think this is a good streaming option for families to enjoy for something that won't make you think hard and will lead to some laughs.  If you're looking for a family movie with some depth - this isn't it - but it certainly has a place as an enjoyable family option.  My six-year old told me after it was done that he thought the movie was "good" and he liked the parts where Tom and Jerry were together.  I'm sure he'll be streaming this movie again and again.  After all, this is a movie made for kids to enjoy and he certainly did!

About Tom & Jerry The Movie (From Warner Bros.)

One of the most beloved rivalries in history is reignited when Jerry moves into New York City’s finest hotel on the eve of “the wedding of the century,” forcing the event’s desperate planner, Kayla, to hire Tom to get rid of him, in director Tim Story’s “Tom and Jerry.” The ensuing cat and mouse battle threatens to destroy her career, the wedding and possibly the hotel itself. But soon, an even bigger problem arises: a diabolically ambitious staffer conspiring against all three of them.

An eye-popping blend of classic animation and live action, Tom and Jerry’s new adventure stakes new ground for the iconic characters and forces them to eventually do the unthinkable… work together to save the day.


“Tom and Jerry” stars Chloë Grace Moretz (“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” “The Addams Family”), Michael Peña (“Cesar Chavez,” “American Hustle,” “Ant-Man”), Colin Jost (“How to be Single,” “Saturday Night Live”), Rob Delaney (“Deadpool 2,” “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”), Pallavi Sharda (“Lion”), Jordan Bolger (“Peaky Blinders”), Patsy Ferran (“Darkest Hour”), Nicky Jam (TV’s “Nicky Jam: El Ganador”), Bobby Cannavale (“The Irishman,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp”), Lil Rel Howery (“Judas and the Black Messiah,” “The Angry Birds Movie 2”), and Ken Jeong (“Crazy Rich Asians,” “The Hangover,” “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”).The film was directed by Tim Story (“Fantastic Four,” “Think Like a Man,” “Barbershop”) and produced by Chris DeFaria (“The LEGO Movie 2,” “Ready Player One,” “Gravity”).

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