A Week Away - Netflix Movie Review

A Week Away - Image from Netflix

A Week Away, now streaming on Netflix, is an inspirational, musical family film that has the "feel-good" vibe which families can certainly enjoy together.  I love a good musical - and especially one with positive messaging and that's made with the family in mind.  A Week Away delivered all of this and more!

A Week Away - Movie Review

A Week Away tells the story of Will (Kevin Quinn), a teenager who has been struggling in the foster system following the loss of his parents.  A string of trouble, capped off with stealing a police car, almost lands him in juvie - but a kindhearted woman and her son offer him another option.  Instead of heading to a juvenile detention facility, Will goes to a week of Christian summer camp.  Here he learns what it means to be a friend, trust friends of his own, have faith, and believe in something bigger than himself.  

The movie really centers on Christian messaging and music to deliver a look at the power of a faith-based camp experience on Will's life.  While there is no denying the Christian messaging, the movie doesn't feel "preachy."  There is a bit of teen romance, some drama amongst the campers, and even some mild teasing, but none of this is presented with any hints of inappropriateness.  It's a movie that you can turn on with your kids and enjoy from start to finish knowing you are getting a film that is family-friendly and full of inspiration.

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A Week Away - Image from Netflix

The movie is also full of great music.  The songs are another area where the religious messaging comes through loud and and clear.  Think of a Sunday morning Contemporary service though - full of rock sounds and catchy rhythms connected to Christian lyrics.  The soundtrack is one your won't want to miss.  My favorite songs from the film include Let's Go Make a Memory, Good Enough, Awesome God, and Where I Belong.  Trust me, you'll be singing along in no time at all!  I definitely recommend watching the movie with subtitles turned on - it almost makes it like karaoke night in your living room!

While I thought each of the actors did a wonderful job bringing their characters to life, I have to really celebrate the performances of Bailee Madison as Avery, Jahbril Cook as George, and David Koechner as David.  Madison feels so authentic in the role of Avery.  I loved her back in the TV Series "Once Upon A Time" and was delighted to see how she has grown up and developed into a young actress with serious acting and singing skills.  She even has a co-producer credit on the film!  Cook plays George - he's quirky, nervous, but so genuine in his care for his friends at camp.  And man can he sing.   His musical performances are some of my favorites in the film.  Koechner has been a fun actor to watch over the years and he again brings the laughs in this film - delivering some of the best one-liners.

I really enjoyed this movie - even more than I thought I would.  It's a great choice as a wholesome musical the entire family can watch together!

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About A Week Away (From Netflix)

A Week Away is the first faith-based musical of its kind. Troubled teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) has a choice to make - go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. While at camp, and with the help of his music, new friends and love interest (Bailee Madison), he learns the healing powers of kindness, forgiveness, and faith can be found in the most unlikely of places.

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