Yes Day - Netflix Movie Review

YES DAY (L to R): Jennifer Garner ("Allison"), Edgar Ramirez ("Carlos"), Jenna Ortega ("Katie"), Julian Lerner ("Nando"), Everly Carganilla (Ellie")

A few months ago, my nine year old came to me talking about a "yes day" - something he had seen on YouTube where for 24 hours you have to say "yes."  Thinking about the crazy asks my kids would come up with was a fun escape and then I take a look at upcoming movies on Netflix and was excited to see a new movie, Yes Day, coming soon with this same concept.  As soon as my kids saw the trailer, it became an instant must-watch in our household and we were counting down to the opportunity to screen the movie.  Would Yes Day be a "yes" with the critics in our house?

Yes Day - Netflix Movie Review

I have to say, Yes Day is honestly one of the most FUN movies our family has watched in a while.  Featuring laugh-out-loud moments, enjoyable and relatable actors, and a lighthearted storyline, this was one that everyone from my husband to my six-year old enjoyed.  The premise is simple - Allison (Jennifer Garner) and Carlos (Edgar Ramirez) plan a "yes day" with their kids to find the fun in their family.  As you might imagine, when you give the kids the power to make decisions about how to spend the day, hilarity ensues.  From the Gut Buster ice cream sundae, to the car wash, to Magic Mountain - the day is packed with everything kids would love to do.  Things don't quite go smoothly though as the day goes on and everyone in the family has to re-evaluate how they work together to come together in the end.


Jennifer Garner is absolutely delightful in the mom role bringing perfect timing that will resonate with moms everywhere and Edgar Ramirez is goofy funny as the dad who wants to be "cool."  Other standout performances were delivered by Arturo Castro (Officer Jones) and Nat Faxon (Mr. Deacon).  The quips and one liners in the movie are silly, but good old fashioned family fun.  There are also moments of heart, especially in the teenage mother / daughter relationship.  I really enjoyed the fact too that the movie mentioned several times throughout the rule of "no devices" for the parents on Yes Day to keep them engaged in the moment instead of worrying about work.  Getting lost in our work is easy to do that we miss out on the little moments that can provide so much enjoyment for our family.  The spirit of the Yes Day activities were also so simple that I think it's a great highlight and reminder that our kids want our engagement, attention, and love - it doesn't have to be something fancy and flashy.  This ensemble cast makes a Yes Day looks like so much fun, my kids almost have me convinced to give it a go. . .maybe!

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About Yes Day (From Netflix)

Always feeling like they have to say NO to their kids and co-workers, Allison and Carlos decide to give their three kids a YES DAY -- where for 24 hours the kids make the rules. Little did they know that they'd be going on a whirlwind adventure around Los Angeles, that would bring the family closer to each other than ever before.

Starring: Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramirez, Jenna Ortega, Julian Lerner, Everly Carganilla, Fortune Feimster, Nat Faxon, Arturo Castro, Molly Sims

Directed by: Miguel Arteta

Yes Day begins streaming on Netflix March 12, 2021!

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