20+ of the Best Quotes from Blue Miracle on Netflix

Blue Miracle - Image from Netflix

Blue Miracle will "hook" audiences from the get go with an inspirational true story of Casa Hogar and the Bisbee's Black and Blue Fishing Tournament.  You can find a full breakdown of Blue Miracle in my review, but besides a memorable story for audiences to enjoy, you'll also find several great quotes.  Check out more than 20 of the BEST quotes from Blue Miracle - now streaming on Netflix!

20+ of the Best Quotes from Blue Miracle 

"Guys - no soccer in the house.  I've already told you." - Omar

"See, that's what I love about you.  You're a problem solver." - Omar

"I only look out for myself." - Moco

"If you want to make your life better, you've got to do what's right every single day." - Omar

"Those trophies tell people that I am the best at whatever I want to do." - Wade

"Get off my boat. . .get back to your country club!" - Wade

"We're orphans, not idiots." - Hollywood

"I can't work with those kids.  They're thieves those kids." - Wade

"Remember, God is always listening but he doesn't always answer our prayers the way we think he should." - Omar

"Life is very disappointing.  That's exactly what you should tell the kids." - Becca

Blue Miracle - Image from Netflix

"If I wanted useless opinions, I would have hired my ex-wife." - Wade

"You said we were nameless orphans, but we have names." - Geco

"We're not orphans.  We're between families at the time." - Hollywood 

"If you want to teach those kids to be losers their whole life, that's your problem.  I'm a winner.  That's how I roll." - Wade

"You look like you should be selling cell phone plans in a strip mall." - Wade

"Is that what you're saying?  You picked fishing over your own son?" - Gecko

"Kids, they don't need a father with fishing trophies.  They need a father who will be with them everyday." - Omar

"I know why my mom left me now - so I can help you win this tournament!" - Tweety

"When life lets you down - which it often does - you'll be able to face it, with character." - Omar

"Look at these boys.  They're your boys.  Fight for them!  Fight!" - Wade

"I already got my marlin.  I think I'm going to be an anchor for a while." - Wade

About Blue Miracle (From Netflix)

The local boys orphanage Casa Hogar is about to go bankrupt and their director Papa Omar (Jimmy Gonzales) is desperate to find a way to save it. With all avenues closed, he turns to a local fishing tournament with hopes of a miracle. There’s one small problem, neither he nor his boys have ever fished. They team up with the reluctant Captain Wade Malloy (Dennis Quaid), a previous tournament champion, hoping he can steer them to victory. Unbeknownst to them, Molloy is fighting his own challenges. Once out on the open ocean, unexpected friendships are created, strengths are tested, and with the power of faith, we see miracles do come true. BLUE MIRACLE also stars Anthony Gonzalez, Raymond Cruz, Nathan Arenas, Miguel Ángel García, Isaac Arellanes, Steve Gutierrez, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Fernanda Urrejola, Silverio Palacios with Bruce McGill and is directed by Julio Quintana.

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