Bring The Mitchell's vs. The Machines Home for the Holidays!

The Mitchell's vs. The Machines - Image from Netflix / Sony Animation

Just in time for the holiday season, The Mitchell's vs. The Machines is coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital on December 14, 2021!  Our family fell in love with this movie back in the spring and we're so excited to partner with Sony Animation to celebrate the home release.  If you missed my coverage of The Mitchell's vs. The Machines earlier this year, you can find links to all of it here:

Short answer. . .so much!!!  I had the chance to grab an advance copy of the release and to sit down with writer / director Michael Rianda and production designer / character designer Lindsey Olivares.  During our time together, I had the chance to learn how to draw Monchi and the thought process that went in to designing all of the characters and the overall "look" of the film.  In the end, the film celebrates differences and imperfections - the Mitchell's aren't the Instagram perfect family that have it all together, but the appearance of the "perfect" family isn't always everything either.  

The Mitchell's vs. The Machines DVD Art - Image from Sony Animation

The Mitchell's vs. The Machines was truly a labor of love for Rianda and his team as it was several years in the making.  I just couldn't help myself as we were talking about the DVD release to ask if we're going to be lucky enough to see more of the Mitchell family in the future.  If you're a fan of the film like me, you'll be happy to know that even in the bonus features on the Blu-ray and digital copies, you get some extra content including a new Dog Cop short and a look at Katie Mitchell  off at college.  As far as hopes for a sequel. . .well, we'll have to wait and see!  There's apparently a list of sequel ideas hiding in the movie that I'm now determined to find!

Check out all of the bonus content below:

  • Katie Mitchell’s Special Edition - available on Blu-Ray and digital- features over 2 hours of new content including an all-new short (Dog Cop 7: The Final Chapter) and Katie’s Extended Cinematic Bonanza Cut. 
  • The Blu-Ray edition is made as if Katie Mitchell would have made it herself, down to the packaging, menus and even a “surprise and delight” insert booklet from Katie herself.
  • Katie’s Extended Cinematic Bonanza Cut includes over 40 minutes of deleted scenes.
  • In addition, the Blu-Ray, DVD and digital versions of the film include fun activities to enjoy as a family and that kids will love: How To Make Sock Puppets and How To Make Katie Face Cupcakes.

Don't miss The Mitchell's vs. The Machines on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital December 14th!

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