35+ of the Best Quotes from Rumble

Winnie (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Steve (Will Arnett) in RUMBLE from Paramount Animation. Photo Credit: Paramount Animation/Paramount+

Paramount Animation has delivered a knockout with the all-new family film, Rumble.  In the ultimate underdog story, we follow the story of Winnie Coyle and Steve the Stupendous, a dynamic duo that are both trying to figure out how to emerge from the big shadows cast by their famous fathers.  Big on hits and heart, there are some great lines in the film that capture the spirit of the story.  You can find my full review of Rumble here.  Check out the best quotes from Paramount's Rumble below - streaming exclusively on Paramount+ December 15th!

35+ of the Best Quotes from Rumble

"Smells like victory!" - Winnie

"Tentacular!  I have your whole life story tattooed on my body!" - Wrestling Fan

"I'm so pretty!" - Tentacular

"Let's get ready to rummmmmmmbbbble!" - Announcer

"Oh yeah!  I'm going to an unnamed theme park!" - Tentacular

"But without monster wrestling, we won't have anything!" - Winnie

"It's what dad would have done.  I'm Jimbo Coyle's daughter - how can I do anything less?" - Winnie

"It's a win, win, Winnie!" - Winnie

"Another root beer. . .on the rocks." - Winnie

"There's going to be a lot of puke coming out of me - which is obviously super gross." - Steve

"And Steve the Stupendous seems to be trying, unsuccessfully, to lose." - Announcer

"I'm the best loser in the biz." - Steve

Tentacular (Terry Crews) in RUMBLE from Paramount Animation. Photo Credit: Paramount Animation/Paramount+

"Honestly, I'm not great with math." - Steve

"I'm not going back. . .to that place I've never been." - Steve

"Hey!  Do you think monster puberty was easy?" - Steve

"You must be exhausted. . .from ruining my life." - Steve

"I love wrestling and I love my dad.  But I'm not going to be him for you." - Steve

"Train the monster you have, not the one you wish you had." - Mom

"I had this terrible dream I promised I would wake up and train.  Oh no, it's real." - Steve

"So I just had to figure out how not to die." - Steve

"And if you get knocked down, you're going to get back up!" - Winnie

"I am less exhausted than you." - Steve

"This is the key that will turn you from a zero into a hero." - Winnie

"Yeah, clearly it's a thing for me.  Have you never heard of daddy issues?" - Steve

Mark Remy (Stephen A. Smith) in RUMBLE from Paramount Animation. Photo Credit: Paramount Animation/Paramount+

"What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What gets your heart racing?  Your blood pumping?  What do you love to do?" - Winnie

"Nobody puts Ray-Ray in a corner." - Steve

"Still waters run deep, Mark." - Mac

"Well, when it comes to wrestling too much really isn't a thing." - Steve

"I can live in the shadow or I can tear down everything that casts that shadow." - Tentacular

"I thought I was saving my dad's legacy and instead I've ruined it." - Winnie

"Well, the good news is, you can always change your name and run away." - Steve

"You always were my best loser." - Lady Mayhem

"Fro yo.  "Fro you makes everything better." - Mom

"You ruined losing for me.  And you know what?  It feels good." - Steve

"Unless you're ch ch ch ch chicken." - Steve

"They say offense is the best defense.  NO!  Defense is the best defense!" - Winnie

"We don't have to be our dads.  We just have to be ourselves.  You showed me that." - Winnie

About Rumble (From Paramount+)

In a world where monster wrestling is a global sport and monsters are superstar athletes, teenage Winnie seeks to follow in her father’s footsteps by coaching a loveable underdog monster into a champion. 

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