20+ of the Best Quotes from Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania - Image from Sony Animation

Drac and the pack are back in the final installment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania.  This time, their adventures take them out of Transylvania and to South America where they have to find a crystal to fix Van Helsing's monster ray - which has turned things a little sideways for Drac, Johnny, and others at the hotel.  Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Best Quotes from Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

"That was only the beginning Drac!"

"It's the Johnny takeover celebration!" - Johnny

"Now let's continue this special day because it's only going to get more special-ier." - Drac

"Well, it's not for nothing that they call me Count Wonderful." - Drac

"Holy rabies! Holy rabies! You're never going to believe it!." - Mavis

"I'm going to explode into a thousand tiny bits!" - Johnny

"It's like Freaky Friday, but on a Tuesday though." - Johnny

"You know I was a young monster hunter at the time, well not too young, but young enough." - Van Helsing

"The sun?!? It's magnificent!  I can't believe that my whole life I have missed this elegant splendor.  It's, it's, it's, BURNING MY EYES!!!" - Drac

"In the 5000 year old flesh." - Murray

"And where am I going to find a shower in the middle of the jungle?" - Drac

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania - Image from Sony Animation

"Well, look on the bright side, at least you're not hot anymore?" - Johnny

"It's not like there's a mad scientist just living in the basement." - Ericka

"Being a human is the worst." - Drac

"Me, on the other hand, easy on the eyes." - Frank

"If you only see the worst in things, you'll miss the best part." - Johnny

"I guess it's always been hard for me to see the good in things." - Drac

"Maybe it's this new me, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed." - Drac

"You became the ooey-gooey center of all of our lives." - Drac

"You taught me to look for the good in everything and now I see so much of the good in my life is because of you." - Drac

"Just because you're invisible doesn't mean you get to be naked." - Murray

About Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (From Sony Animation and Amazon Prime Video)

Drac and the Pack are back, like you’ve never seen them before in Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. Reunite with your favorite monsters for an all-new adventure that presents Drac (Brian Hull) with his most terrifying task yet. When Van Helsing’s (Jim Gaffigan) mysterious invention, the 'Monsterification Ray,’ goes haywire, Drac and his monster pals are all transformed into humans, and Johnny (Andy Samberg) becomes a monster! In their new mismatched bodies, Drac, stripped of his powers, and an exuberant Johnny, loving life as a monster, must team up and race across the globe to find a cure before it’s too late, and before they drive each other crazy. With help from Mavis (Selena Gomez) and the hilariously human Drac Pack, the heat is on to find a way to switch themselves back before their transformations become permanent. The film also features the voices of Kathryn Hahn (Ericka), Steve Buscemi (Wayne), Molly Shannon (Wanda), David Spade (Griffin the Invisible Man), Keegan-Michael Key (Murray), Fran Drescher (Eunice), Brad Abrell (Frank), and Asher Blinkoff (Dennis).

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