Wildcat's Revenge - Hersheypark's New Coaster for 2023!

Wildcat's Revenge - Image from Hersheypark

I'm always a big fan of Hersheypark visits - from candy to coasters and everything in between - there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy!  And each year, Hersheypark keeps adding new additions that make for an even SWEETER adventure.  Just recently, Hersheypark announced the release of a new-ish coaster for the upcoming 2023 season.

Over the summer, Hersheypark began early speculation about changes to a familiar favorite when it was announced that July 30, 2022 would be the last chance to ride the famed Wildcat.  Wildcat has been delighting guests with a fast, and sometimes a bit rough, ride on it's wooden rails.  When news came of it's impending closure, guests were left wondering "what come's next??"

Artist Rendering Wildcat's Revenge - Image from Hersheypark

It didn't take long for Hersheypark to break the news that an all-new HYBRID coaster would be debuting in 2023 - Wildcat's Revenge.  The coaster will blend a steel track within some of the existing wooden framework.  And guests of Hersheypark better be ready to hold on for a wild ride.  Featuring 140-foot hill, speeds of up to 62 miles per hour, 4 inversions, and the world's largest underflip, it promises to pack a punch!

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Want to be among the first to ride the all-new Wildcat's Revenge in 2023?  King Size season pass holders will get exclusive access to preview the attraction before it opens to the general public.  Once opened, Wildcat's Revenge is anticipated to be open each season at Hersheypark.

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